To Write With Light

  1. White

    Date 04 Jul 2016
    Last week, Ebs, Will and I drove down to Laurel Hill to catch a small pocket of snow that was forecast in the area. We had been keen to catch snow in the sugar pine forest for a little while, and the long drive was worth it for the chance.  …

  2. To Understand Divinity

    Date 01 Nov 2015
    Click to view large For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.Romans 1:20Most of the time when I’m out taking photos, I feel…

  3. Settling In

    Date 04 Mar 2015
    Being about a month since I moved to West Australia from New South Wales, I have begun to settle in to my new routine over here. Working as an artist assistant to Monique Tippett during the week and enjoying time spent in the country on the weekends, has afforded me…

  4. Fleeting II

    Date 28 Feb 2015
    Fleeting II This image, in conjunction with the original fleeting found below, is an expression of realities. In the created world that we live in, our imaginations have the ability to roam free and imagine without boundary. The fact that we cannot observe these imagined scenarios with our eyes, usually…

  5. Home Brew Beer

    Date 04 Dec 2014
    Recently, I joined a couple friends as they brewed a batch of beer at home for themselves. I was interested in capturing the process, so I joined them with my camera to document it. The aim was for a photo essay as a result that could visually describe the process…

  6. Ocean and Time

    Date 10 Jun 2014
    Lately I’ve been experimenting with photographing waves with a telephoto lens. Particularly with a dragged shutter speed for a bit of extra motion. I started doing it just as a bit of fun but quickly found that I really began to enjoy capturing the fluidity and unique motion of waves…

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